ukraine war

How to end the Ukraine war before Western allies give up

As Russia lays cruel siege and mass destruction on Ukraine, it’s time to ask – how can team Biden and the West put an end to this horrible war and...

Comrades in arms: Russian dead reach 30,000

Russia has now lost 30,000 soldiers in its war with Ukraine.

France, Germany call for 'diplomatic solution' in Ukraine during call with Putin

The leaders of France and Germany pleaded with Russia’s Vladimir Putin for an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine on Saturday during an 80-minute phone call.

My big fat Meeks scandal: Inside Dem pol's cozy connection with Russia ahead of Ukraine war

Meeks, chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee, once lobbied hard to remove impediments to trade with Russia.

Ukraine says Russian advances could force retreat in part of east

A withdrawal could bring Russian President Vladimir Putin closer to his goal of capturing eastern Ukraine's Luhansk and Donetsk regions in full.

'Traitor' Russian official booted from meeting for slamming Ukraine war

"We understand that if our country does not stop the special operation, there will be even more orphans," Vasyukevich said.

Ukraine accuses Russia of launching thermobaric bomb strikes on its positions

Thermobaric weapons, sometimes called vacuum bombs, are high-energy explosives that consume oxygen from the air around them.

Putin accused of faking visit to military hospital after photos reveal familiar face

Russian President Vladimir Putin was seen on video and in photos visiting wounded soldiers at a military hospital in Moscow Wednesday, but several observers recognized one of the "patients" from...

US prepping to send long-range missile systems to Ukraine: report

The Biden administration has previously been reluctant to send the advanced weaponry out of concern that Kyiv's forces could use them to strike targets inside Russia.

Biden stage whispers bizarre message to Naval Academy grads

Biden addressed the graduates for approximately 25 minutes during the outdoor ceremony.