WPC: Experimental – From the Window

‘Experimental’ is the theme for this week’s challenge from the Daily Post. I usually do all the driving on our trips. For this year’s trip out east, Cara and Ethan joined us adding two drivers! This was my first chance to work on pictures from the window in a vehicle in motion!
Our day on the Pennsylvania Turnpike started out in the fog:

The bridge over the Allegheny River seemed to appear out of nowhere. This was the best shot I managed to catch:

The fog stayed with us for several more miles:

The Allegheny Mountain Tunnel:


Moving into another mist-covered valley:

A shot out of the side window:

Off the turnpike and over the mountain on a state highway:


Finishing with the Railroad Cut on the north end of the Gettysburg Battlefield.

Looking forward to my next ride in the passenger seat!
See more at the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Experimental!


    1. The mountains out west or closer to the Rocky Mountains are much larger. We also drove the West Virginia Turnpike which travels several impressive miles in a very narrow valley. I was the driver on that leg of the journey so I have no shots.


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