Vietnam War Memorial

The Vietnam War Memorial design is unique among the several monuments along the National Mall. It has marble panels containing all the names of those who did not survive the war. When approaching the memorial it is difficult to comprehend its scale. One walks down an incline and, seemingly, the large marble wall grows and envelopes the viewer. I was in grade school and high school during most of the Vietnam War. I know one of those out of the many whose names are on these walls. It makes for a poignant moment watching others standing in front of the reflective marble as they look at some familiar name etched into the stone.

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    1. Thank you Abhijith. We visited Washington, D.C. a few weeks ago and this memorial is one I definitely wanted to see. The memorial, though very simple, makes a deep impression as one walks down the ramp and the list of those names on the wall get taller and taller. There are always people there looking at the names that are special to them and their memories; they sometimes leave flowers at the base of the panel that has the name. It is a very solemn place. The Vietnam War was a huge event during my childhood. I avoided getting called up as it was virtually over by the time I reached the age for the draft. But so many families around me were deeply affected by it. It was my first introduction to the ravages of war.

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