Indiana State Fair 2017

We had not visited the Indiana State Fair in three years so we were long overdue. We got there early last Saturday before the big crowds showed up. We spent about five hours there and still missed a lot of stuff. But they do this every year so we can always go back sometime and hit what we missed.
The dairy barn always seems to draw a crowd and we stood in line for a long time to get our milk shakes and grilled cheese sandwiches!

We always see the vegetables especially looking for the weird ones at the Horticulture Building. These two very long gourds certainly fit into the weird category!

The butterfly garden was not too impressive but the flowers around it were very nice.

We also stop by the Department of Natural Resources building with its indoor/outdoor aquarium showing off the various species of Indiana’s water animals.

And, of course, we checked out the food. Although I had not planned on sampling any ‘gimmick’ foods, Cara coaxed me into eating one deep-fried oreo cookie. But my main goal this year was to eat an Italian sausage with grilled onions and peppers. I had eaten most of the vegetables before taking this shot!


  1. We missed the fair this year. I was so bummed out. I live for that one day a year we drive uo from Tennessee and eat all the roasted sweet corn our stomachs can hold, binge on the gyros and have one of the best funnel cakes of the year! I’m jealous 😀

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