Having Pie With Pedophiles

This is a very compelling post from a Christian perspective about hate and how it demeans everything.

See, there's this thing called biology...

Long ago I used to hate baby rapists, genuinely despised them, did not even feel sad when someone here backed over one with a car four or five times.

I also hated addicts, they steal your stuff, they are unpredictable and violent, especially meth heads.  They’d murder their own mother for her social security check. And they do exactly that all the time. Tweakers are often covered in sores and  missing teeth, too. I wanted us to  have tweaker season so you could just hunt them, bag’em and tag’em.

Then there are the men who abuse their wives and girlfriends. I know, everything is “abuse” these days, but just the same I know of a baby that will spend the rest of his life in an institution and a young girl who was beaten to death and left in a shallow grave. I’ve never forgotten them.

Then there’s the people…

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