Luna Moth

This Luna Moth clung to our garage screen door all day. He had lost one of his rear legs and had a piece of one antenna missing. We thought he was dead so we decided to do some research. The Luna Moth (according to Wikipedia, the one-stop shopping location for any research) is common in this area but typically only comes out at night, so sightings are uncommon. The moth has no mouth and lives 5-7 days. It seems his only function is to create a replacement moth and then die. At around 8 PM he finally flew about 30 feet into the grass and sat there for another hour before flying away for good.

His swallowtail distorts the bat’s sonar making the moth difficult to grasp (the bat is the moth’s main predator…)

Looking at the underside through the screen…

Big ‘Eyes’ on the wings probably are there to make the moth look mean…

Feathered antennae (a piece of one is missing…)


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