A Bad Night At Work…

“I appreciate thieves who do their research, but at least you recognize worth when you see it.”
M.L. LeGette, The Orphan and the Thief

We had a burglar break into our house about twenty years ago. His effort was definitely not a text-book example of how to burglarize a home. We were gone at the time. He tried to bust through two doors with dead-bolt locks. He failed. He broke the locks on a bedroom window and climbed in leaving mud prints on the floor. He rifled through Charlotte’s jewelry and took a few pieces of cheap stuff but left a couple of diamonds and an opal. He finally left the house by opening a sliding glass door then cutting a hole through a screen door. The screen door had no lock and would have easily slid open.

We got home probably just after the burglar left. We saw the damage and called the Police. They did a walk through, dusted for prints and wrote up a report. They said they would be in touch. It was about seven months later when we got a call – the Police notified us the perpetrator had been arrested. He had burglarized several homes in our area around the same time. He got a couple of years in jail for his efforts. We never got any of the stolen jewelry back but it was not a big loss.

This has always made me think about break-ins and burglaries – would it not have been so much easier just to get a job instead of two years in the slammer?


  1. Two years in teeh slammer means two years free accommodation, free meals, free TV, free clothing, free medical, no work or very little of it. Beats working at a job any day.

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