WPC: Surprise – Eagle!

It was one of my biggest surprises ever as a photographer. I fidgeted with the camera as Cara, Ethan and I walked along the Saratoga Trail.

I heard Cara say, “It’s an eagle.”

I thought, “Huh?”

So she said it again, with some emphasis, “It’s an eagle!”

I looked up and there he sat – about thirty feet away from us. Yes it was an eagle. And not only that but it was an American Bald Eagle! I had never been that close to an eagle. I had never seen an eagle other than at a zoo. I got three shots of him before he flew away – we watched in awe as he left us. I should have zoomed in on him and got some more images. Maybe next time.

Indiana does not have a large American Bald Eagle population (maybe 200-300) and most of those live south of here. We have since heard that there are a couple of nests nearby so maybe we will get some more looks after all!

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  1. It’s unbelievable that the Bald Headed Eagle was hunted almost to extinction back in the day even though it’s your national bird. Thank goodness that has all changed. One of the world’s great birds of prey!

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