Cee’s Which Way Challenge – Bump In The Road

If you drive this road without paying attention it looks like a short median in the middle of no-where; however, I just recently became aware of this unique Indiana landmark.

Just south of Franklin, Indiana, a narrow county road splits into two going around a grave-site. As the story goes, a cemetery plot covered this area from the early 19th century. When the county decided to route this road they got permission from the families with members interred here to move the cemetery a short distance away – that is, permission from all but one family. The family of Nancy Kerlin Barnett, who died in 1831 and lay at rest here, opted to decline the county’s request. The county, not wishing to expend any extra cash for a court case, accepted the family’s decision and split the opposite lanes of the road enveloping the grave-site.

Over the years the grave-site had deteriorated until two years ago when the county reworked the road and the grave. It now looks like these images from a few days ago. It is still easy to miss especially coming from the east.

Historical footnote: When the county removed the remains for replacement of the casket they discovered not one, but seven bodies had occupied the site. I have not heard the outcome of any DNA testing for identification but I believe the seven sets of remains are all back in the grave-site.

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