The New Bird Feeders…

We bought two new bird feeders over the weekend – hung one of them from the crab apple tree and the other on the cherry tree. The temperature Sunday was below freezing most of the day and it was overcast, so we did not see too many birds. Our first hits on either of the feeders came a pair of Cardinals. They spent a few minutes hanging around and then disappeared.


    1. We bought a bag of mix that had 12 species that it attracted. There are some regional mixes you can get with mix blends for a particular area of the country. We are trying out the different types to see what works best for us. The neighbors get a lot of finches and woodpeckers at their feeders. I will post some updates later on how its going here.

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  1. Over here, it’s a ceaseless war against the Grey Squirrel. Presumably they are just as big a nuisance on American bird tables, although their intelligence is unbelievable. We have one which knows how to unscrew the lid of one of our feeders!

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