Elusive Heron

We have a Great Blue Heron that hangs around the north edge of a pond at Hummell Park. We have seen him several times as he wings his way westward across the pond. The park trail is right underneath his usual flight path. So Lain and I hatched a plan to flush him out so I could get high-speed images. I stationed myself at a tree near the south edge of the pond while Lain quietly tried to get behind the cove where we thought the heron lay hidden. Lain succeeded and the bird flew out over the pond but, instead of flying over my head, the heron shot into a small opening in the trees toward the creek. Our next time out we will cross the creek at the spot where the heron flew into the opening. Maybe we can get a closer look!


  1. In the first photograph in particular, he looks really quite bluish. We have the Grey Heron, and they are a lot whiter. Both species are pretty big birds though, adept at eating favourite goldfish from garden ponds!

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