Autumn Snack Food

This is a hedge apple (which is a regional name for this fruit). This one is about 4 inches in diameter.


Squirrels pull these apart and eat the seeds. They seeds must taste great since the rind of the hedge apples is tough and very stringy.



  1. Carrie’s mom calls them Osage Oranges because that is their name. They are the fruit of a very interesting plant that is quite ancient. The theory is that the fruit evolved as food for megafauna like mammoths and mastodons, but as the OP notes, squirrels like them too. The Osage Orange tree is medium sized with smallish leaves that turn bright yellow in fall (a great combination with the large yellow-green fruit). The wood of the Osage Orange is known for its amazing resistance to rot and pests, and the trees were often planted deliberately in rural areas of the US as a crop for use as fence posts. Nowadays they are less popular since people find the fruit “messy”, and they can even dent cars if you are foolish enough to park underneath an Osage Orange in the fall. But even so this is one of the most interesting American plants.

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    1. I think Osage Orange is the real name. Southern Indiana folks like to rename stuff. The trees are common here in the undisturbed wooded areas. I would not like to get hit in the head by one of these either…


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