Why Were There No Field Trips Like This When I Was In 8th Grade?

We visited the Stagecoach Stop Museum in Waynesville, Missouri, along the Historic Route 66 trail. This building, first built in the 1850s with several later additions, served as a stagecoach stop and tavern, a Civil War hospital, a hotel, a dentist’s office, a worker’s boarding house, and now a museum. Our tour walked us through the each room with a description of a facet of its history. However, the most interesting event here was the excavation project underneath the building. A few years ago local 8th grade students crawled underneath the floor beams and collected dirt samples. Then they sifted them through a screen and collected the historic relics which included clothing items, Civil War era bullets and shot, skeletons of small animals, horse shoes, bottles, old cigarette and tobacco boxes among many other things. Many of those collected items are on display in the museum. I want to know why my 8th grade class never got to go on an excursion like this?

(Click on any image to open the gallery and view the items close-up!)


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