Mike Flick

On Tuesday family and friends of Mike Flick gathered to pay their last respects. Mike is Charlotte’s oldest brother and my brother-in-law. I have known Mike for over forty years. He always farmed and primarily dealt in dairy cattle. Over those forty years up to and including the funeral service, everyone who knew Mike usually used two words while talking about him: ornery and cantankerous! He was always that way. For some people he really knew how to pull their strings! Over the past few days, we all laughed over the many stories of Mike’s life and times!


But for all the craziness that happened over the years, one other aspect of Mike’s personality became abundantly clear to everyone who payed attention. I watched and listened as his two grown children shared their stories about growing up with Mike as a father. I saw in the expression on their faces and the twinkle in their eyes how Mike had impacted their lives. I heard about his joy of being a grandfather. His son and daughter-in-law have twins – a boy and a girl. Mike was anxious for them to get old enough so he could take them to the farm. Through all the shenanigans and practical jokes Mike left a legacy as a successful Dad and Granddad. Although the twins may not remember anything about him, they will hear the stories too of a man who loved his children and grandchildren dearly and always had time for them in his life. It is hard to imagine any legacy greater than that for any man.


We will miss Mike but know he today rests with the Lord. We all love him and say good-bye for now.

These flowers were from the many arrangements at the funeral home.


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