Trumpet Vine

We have seen a lot of trumpet vine in the past week or so. It is lining the fence row out in the country side and there is some at the edge of the creek at the park. These captures came from the latter during last Saturday’s walk.


  1. Ok. So, I totally blew the juvenile male cardinal ID… However, this time I’m in my element 🤓
    This is trumpet vine (campsis radicans). It is native here, but somewhat of a rude neighbor.. ie, he is quite invasive and takes his space as he sees fit.

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    1. This is good to know. I had a friend who farms identify this for me – I will pass that along! I agree it is quite invasive – at the park it is strangling out several bushes along the edge of the creek.


  2. A lovely plane and nothing like the honeysuckle we have over here. I think whoever originally named it must have lost his “Book of European Flowers” in the rapids the week before!


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