Cardinal (Female)

Just moments after the captures I got with a male Cardinal this female perched on a branch directly in front of me. It is rare for me getting this close to these skittish birds much less have the camera in my hand at the same time! The female Cardinal is not as flashy as the male; nevertheless bright colors adorn the female too. Even some male birds in other species cannot match the brightness of the female Cardinal!

(Click on any image to open the gallery and see the subtly colorful female Cardinal!)


  1. Not totally sure, but sure enough to write this comment… šŸ˜‰ I think your female is a juvenile male. I feel there’s too much red forming on the wings. I could be wrong tho.
    These guys are the most skittish birds I know. Getting a photo of them ain’t easy. Great job!

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    1. We were thinking it is the female because the male from yesterday’s post chases her around and they are working out of the same nest behind the neighbor’s house across the street. That is the extent of my expertise on this subject! lol!

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