Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: After

A few weeks back I spent a week traveling on company business. I spent a couple of days in Pasadena, Texas, and then a couple of days in Lexington, North Carolina. I was part of a team that audited facilities in both locations. My Sunday night flight to Houston’s Hobby Airport had a 50 minute layover in the Atlanta airport – the busiest airport in the world! On Wednesday, my flight to Charlotte International had a 45 minute layover in the Atlanta airport which was still the busiest airport in the world three days later. I made it to the connecting gate as passengers boarded the plane. Of course, we then got delayed getting out of the gate for departure. On Friday I flew home through the LaGuardia Airport in New York City. The layover there was two hours but our plane out of Charlotte was late so I ended up with about an hour. It was my first ever trip through LaGuardia. The entire LaGuardia airport is a restaurant! You did not wait for a plane in a seat, you waited for your plane in a booth with an iPad to order food from about anywhere in the airport; and someone delivered it to your booth. It was a novel approach to airport accommodations!

After all that, it was nice to finally head for home. When we flew over Indianapolis into the airport, the sky was clear and it was still sunny so I got a few captures of the skyline as the plane made its way toward the runway!

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  1. Fantastic captures, Dennis. I love the idea of ordering food from a booth on an iPad. I remember on a trip to California, some years ago, ordering wine from an iPad in a restaurant. It was shortly after the iPad was launched and I thought it a great idea. I ended up buying an iPad when I got back to the UK.

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