Weekly Photo Challenge: Future – Graduation

We are coming up on our third daughter’s high school graduation. What a time for reflecting on the past and thinking about the future!

Our oldest daughter, Cara, is now working for the Indiana State Government in the Budget Analysis Office after her initial stint as a Legislative Assistant. What a job that would be! I can only imagine the kinds of budgetary issues that the politicians pass before her eyes every day!

Erin is in college working toward a degree in Elementary Education. She has spent time as a Teacher’s Assistant. One day, after class-time with a kindergarten class, she came into the kitchen beaming and told us ‘they all call me Miss Wagoner!’ She is all-in with school and will probably be out of college in 3 1/2 years.

Jenna is next up and will pursue the field of Speech Pathology. She has a special connection with this endeavor since she had some speech issues when we adopted her back in 2001. She knows first hand how to deal within this area!

Each of these young ladies has worked to make a difference and build a satisfying future. Graduation Day is the kick-off point!

Look more into the ‘future’ at the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Future!


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