Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Wrong Position

One of the acts at the circus had sixteen members of a Chinese acrobatic troupe all riding just two bicycle at the same time. They, in turn, jumped on the bicycles as they came toward us and positioned themselves. Unfortunately, the display with the fans coalesced as the bicycles rolled away from us. They then began disassembling as the bicycles came back toward us again!



During our adoption trip for Lain in 2003, we visited her orphanage and met the orphanage director and several of the nannies that worked there. As we prepared to leave at the end of our visit we snapped some photos. This one has Lain and her best friend, Ji Ping, with the orphanage director. I managed to take this picture without noticing that Mickey’s ears from the artwork on the wall appeared to belong to the orphanage director. I doubt that I could have made it look this good had I actually tried!

China 2003056

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    1. We sent a CD with some pictures including that one to the orphanage in 2007. Shortly after that, we heard that the government had shut that orphanage down. We have lost all contact with the folks from that location.


    1. It was a little embarrassing (well, a very little bit embarrassing) – the orphanage director was very kind and bent over backwards to accommodate us during our visit. These visits can get emotional because the nannies really get attached to the kids then have to say good-bye.

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