Coca-Cola Bottling Plant

The old Coca-Cola Bottling Plant on Massachusetts Avenue in Indianapolis is up for sale. The plant opened in 1931 and at the time was the largest bottling plant for Coca-Cola in the world. Rubush and Hunter designed the structure; William P. Jungclaus Construction Company built the original building with various others building the add-ons over the years. Coca-Cola sold the plant to Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) in 1969. IPS has used the facility mainly for bus service ever since. Just a few days ago, IPS asked for bids for purchasing the property. Massachusetts Avenue is the home of several up-scale shops and restaurants and has grown in popularity in recent years. This building sports terra-cotta panels from the Indianapolis Terra Cotta Company which decorated many city buildings in the early 20th century. The surrounding area has a lot of history with many structures dating back as far as Civil War times. The city and several local historical groups are anxious to see who will obtain and develop this prime property.

(Click on any image to open the gallery for a closer view of the artistic design!)


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