Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge – Buzz Bomb Memorial

I looked at this memorial for quite a long time when I first saw it a few days ago. Here we see one of only two authentic V-1 buzz bombs in the United States standing on a World War II Memorial in Greencastle, Indiana. In an interesting story that one can read here, this flying bomb was salvaged from captured ordnance scheduled for destruction and sent instead to Greencastle to stand atop this monument. The marble ‘V’ supporting the V-1 stands for victory. The brass plaque on front of the monument lists every Putnam County resident that died in service during World War II.

(Click on any image to open the gallery and get a closer view!)

Is it some dark irony to use a Nazi cruise missile for a memorial to local soldiers? Knowing the history behind this object, its use here seems very odd. However, it is an attractive monument and I can find no big complaints from any research I have done. Maybe it is just me!

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  1. It is a little strange, particularly as the Germans called it V-1 because “vergeltung” meant “revenge”. It was a very clever little weapon, although it, and the V2, always seem to get forgotten when the debate rages about indiscriminate bombing of civilians during the war. The two weapons killed just under 9,000 people, mostly civilians, but some of them would probably have been American servicemen, as there were so many of them enjoying their leave in London.

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