Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Stripes

On a rare occasion when I rode shotgun on a road-trip, I captured these images of our trip into southern Indiana. A typical two-lane highway with white and yellow stripes and the road itself an asphalt stripe through the countryside and the little towns.

(Enjoy the slideshow!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See many more ‘stripes’ at Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 9 – Stripes!


  1. Hi Dennis, thank you so much for joining in my weekly photo challenge. I’m glad you found it through Cee.
    Those are great photos of the stripes on the roads, but my, how quiet they look. 🙂
    I see you have the sharing buttons on all your posts. Do you have a Twitter handle as I’d love to share your posts on social media?

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    1. I enter several of Cee’s challenges and have found a lot of good blogs to follow via that route.
      No, I don’t have a Twitter account but I will probably be starting one up soon – my daughter has been pestering me about it for some time.

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