Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet – The Reference

What better place is there to start talking about the alphabet than the dictionary? I show here Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary (1979 second printing), The Story of English (3rd printing December 1986) and Webster’s Dictionary of Word Origins (2004 edition). Between these three volumes, one can find just about anything one would want to know about the alphabet in an English language context! The Unabridged was a Christmas gift for me – yes, I asked for an unabridged dictionary for Christmas and Santa Claus obliged me. The other two books I bought. All three are fascinating reads!

(Click to open the gallery, especially for a closer look at the dictionary pages!)

For more of the ‘alphabet’ go to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet!


  1. I never ever hear or read the phrase “Webster’s Dictionary” without singing in my mind Bing Crosby’s old song, “Like Webster’s Dictionary, we’re Morocco bound”. They don’t make films like that any more. A lovely photograph by the way, of some very well used books!

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    1. I actually read the Unabridged from time to time just to find extraordinary words! There are many! The Word Origins book is fascinating. The history of language development itself is fascinating. And, yes, I yearn for the old movies.


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