New Year’s Day 2016 – Where Do We Go From Here?

This is the second pitch for a book that I have done on this blog. The new year always provides a hope for something new and improved, but how does one get there? This book has helped me and is my offering to you for the new year.


In my library I have a book entitled “QBQ! The Question Behind the Question” by John G. Miller. It is a very short book, 122 pages with some appendices and a lot of white space. But it offers a simple challenge to how we approach personal accountability. Simply stated, it directs one to avoid asking the ‘Why’ and ‘Who’ questions in our minds and, instead, forming ‘How’ and ‘What’ questions in the face of life’s events. The ‘Why’ and ‘Who’ questions lead one into blame assessment and victimization. On the other hand, the ‘How’ and “What’ questions focus on solutions and taking action. I try to use that kind of thinking in my daily life both at work and at home. It comes in handy!


2015 closes out as a good year for us. We made a lot of decisions, big and small, and have made some changes that have affected our lives significantly. It has enriched us, not materially necessarily, but in ways that a much more meaningful: relationships, managing our finances, making family decisions. I highly recommend this book as a personal help for entering 2016 with a mindset that focuses on personal responsibility. We have all seen quotations that talk about making our own decisions about directing our own lives – this book helps build a framework on how to do that.


Happy New Year everyone!


Comments Always Welcome and Appreciated!

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