El Niño

The El Niño has greatly affected our weather patterns this December. We had a warmer than usual week of Christmas and are today underneath a canopy of rain clouds. The rainfall has wreaked some havoc in the area with flooding and washouts. One very noticeable effect locally is the very high water level in the creek. Our typically peaceful meandering creek where the kids swim in the summertime and the catfish prowl the bottom for food has turned into a torrent of flowing muddy water. We are supposed to finally get some cold weather next week. Thankfully, that did not happen today; if it had combined with this precipitation we would have had enough snow to cover the view out of the windows and then some!

(Click on any image to open the gallery!)


  1. Hopefully it doesn’t get too wet. Rain is good for the garden but too much of it, it becomes frustrating. Here in Australia we had a very warm Christmas this summer, warmer than usual. Looks like a dry summer ahead for us. Best wishes for the new year 🙂


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