Pre-Grandparent Training

“The simplest toy, one which even the youngest child can operate, is called a grandparent.”
Sam Levenson

We have one married daughter, one girl in college and four girls in high school; but at this time we have no grandchildren. That will happen in due course. However, we have had the opportunity lately to get some pre-grandparent training under our belts. We want to be ready when it happens and the last thing we want is that one of our daughters tells us we lack the proper training to handle their child.


This year we have had three very young children around the house where we had none for several years. Yesterday Charlotte’s nephew’s daughter visited us; she celebrates her first birthday today. She and I have hit it off very well. Yesterday, we demonstrated to each other our skill at saying the word ‘thpbbbbbbbbtt.’ I doubt that is the proper spelling because there is no indication as to the proper amount of spit that you need to say the word correctly. The WordPress spellchecker was no help here.



She also showed us how to pick ice out of a cup of ice water, and she assisted the attempted repair of a broken Santa ornament. We took copious notes and will continue our studies for the day our first grandchild arrives!

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