Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge: Centerpoint

I almost passed on this week’s challenge but decided to reread Cee’s notes. What got me interested was the use of a square frame and a central focal point. I had not tried that before. So here are some examples from my experimentation with ‘Centerpoint!’

First up are my tries with square frames.

For my last two tries, I attempt to use the center-point in slightly different ways. Picture one shows a mystical pagoda back behind several in-focus willow branches. The pagoda draws the focus away from the leaves creating the illusion of a far-away nearly unreachable destination. Similarly, the small temple centered within the second frame on the rocky outcrop just in front of us creates a sense of isolation and, again, an unreachable destination at the center-point. I think the wide frame works better for both of these images.

For more on this week’s composition challenge, go to Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge: Week #11 Centerpoint – Breaking the Rule of Thirds!


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