Oh, Gnats!

As much as I like to travel in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, there is a downside: gnats. The come out of nowhere in epic proportions – it is as if we were enveloped in a cheap apocalypse horror movie. They get in your hair (of any length) and in your ears. I rinsed my hair out in the hotel more than once to dislodge the less than agile gnat that could not escape on his own. We saw workers in the inland swampy areas wearing hats with screens hanging down from the brims wrapping around their shoulders – that idea had merit.

Other than the gnats, however, we all had a great time!!!


  1. Do the gnats bite? In Scotland they have ” midges” and they can easily draw blood. Last time I was there, I had in excess of fifty bites on the back of each hand. They are one of the major reasons that Scotland is not a much bigger tourist attraction….that and the rain!

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                1. I’m not sure if I have tips or not. I didn’t realize what I should have been blogging about when I started, so mine has changed. I still hit topics of travel, nature photography and some family life. But it is less narrative now and more the photography, although I do throw in some stories from time to time. That has worked well for me. You will need to find that groove that makes your blog work for you. Look at what other blogs are doing – there are many very good ones out there. Participate in commenting both on your blog and on other blogs. Your blog won’t go anywhere unless you are a part of the broader community.

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                    1. There will be many travel bloggers who are going to enjoy seeing your material. But you will find other non-travel bloggers (and non-bloggers) out there who will take an interest too. Usually you have to find them and the comment sections are a great way to branch out. I also look through the ‘recommended blogs’ list in the Reader in interest areas different from mine. It is surprising how many connections you can make that way. If you want to build up traffic fast, there are bloggers out there who do ‘meet and greet’ posts where you can interact with their communities by introducing yourself and your blog. I’ve seen some bloggers who have expanded exponentially by taking advantage of those. I still work full-time so I don’t do those very often because of my time constraints. But once the kids are out of the house that will change too!

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