Stocking Up for the Winter

This squirrel gladly ignored us as we watched him devour this hedge apple. It is getting late in the season and stocking up for Winter is the only thing on his mind!

(Open the gallery and follow the sequence as he eats this fruit!)


  1. Oh, my, god..he’s eating a hedge apple..the smell of them..I can’t imagine eating one. My great Aunties used to put hedge apples in their basements to keep out the bugs. I never did it but a lot of ‘country’ people used to slice and dry them and use them in flower arrangements.

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      1. The tree is about 200 feet from my back door. In the dead of winter (Jan-Feb) the deer and other furries come to the yard looking for them. The coons & squirrels like to eat them while sitting on the fence post. They are also not too efficient and spill a lot. Something in the oranges chemical make up makes the drips turn bright red. I can see the bright red on the post from my back door. Pretty when in the white snow. But looks like someone was impaled!
        I did find recipes online for these, but I’ll pass. They are supposed to be an insect/spider repellent, just toss them in your window well.

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        1. We have not seen a single racoon this year. That is odd for us. But we have seen a lot of chipmunks. I doubt that those two items are related though.

          The only trees we have are at the park – I don’t know of any in the neighborhood here. I am going to keep an eye on the squirrels and the hedge apples this winter. That’s assuming they don’t devour all of them in the next few days. It was quite a frenzy.

          We have one hedge apple by the front door – it has worked for the past couple of months. All the spiders are at the back door now!

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