A Bridge Sighting

I notice old bridges more and more since I began blogging. They have a certain appeal that is mostly aesthetic – older bridges seem more stylish than bridges of today. That is not a blanket statement but I would rate it as overwhelmingly one-sided.

I do not know anything about the bridge in these pictures. There are no signs or landmarks that might me place the bridge and I cannot make out the people who appear in either shot. We found these in some old pictures Charlotte’s Mom had so I suspect this might be somewhere in southern Indiana, maybe in or around Orange County. I wonder if this bridge still exists?




  1. A place to go if you wonder if an old bridge is still standing is bridgehunter.com, certainly the finest old-bridge site on the Internet. It’s catagorized by state and county, so if you know about where the bridge stood, you can find out if the site knows about it. I checked Orange County and didn’t find this bridge.

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    1. Great idea! I should have thought of that. I searched Martin and Dubois Counties too and found nothing. But there is really no telling where this might be. We could not find any notes and most of Charlotte’s aunts and uncles are gone now with the memories of those times. This one will probably remain a ghost!


  2. WOW!!! Great shots! And you have inspired me to shoot a bridge like this close where I live. The problem is though, there is a big creek flowing under it and it is not easy access to get down to the creekside where I would have to shoot. LOL Hmmmmm …. I must think about this!!! ❤

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  3. I think you are absolutely right about old bridges. Indeed. many buildings that have survived for a hundred years or so, are so much more attractive than their modern counterparts, especially the dingy concrete of the 1960s

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