Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge: Nighttime

I do not do much nighttime photography. When I do, I manage it with long shutter times and without using a tripod.

We have many orb-weaver spiders around the house. This particular spider had a web in our back door over the past few nights. I captured these at 1/10 second which, for me, seems to work out well for minimal shake while maximizing the color. I kept getting closer and closer with each shot!

(Click on any picture to open the gallery for a closer look!)

Side-note: One of these nights I will forget to duck when I walk out this particular door. That spider will likely end up in my hair with this web wrapped around my head. Hopefully, that knowledge will make me pay more attention to what I do.

See more ‘nighttime’ scenes at Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge: Nighttime!


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