Halloween 2015

For this year’s Halloween I (finally) took my camera to the next street over and got some shots of the most decorated house in our neighborhood. The folks there pull out all the stops. And, as a little icing on the cake, they give away bags of popcorn and apple cider, hot or cold, to all visitors – in costume or not! Here are a few captures of the event!

(Click on any picture to open the gallery for a closer look!)

These jpg pictures are straight out of the camera. I had to hurry with the photo shoot because sprinkling rain had just started and my camera is not water-proof. These are high ISO shots using the camera’s ‘auto plus’ setting.


    1. If I had taken the time to nuts-and-bolts the picture, they probably would have been a bit darker. These were from the ‘Superior-Plus’ setting on the Sony – it pulled up a lot of color in very little light (8pm-ish and overcast).

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