Green Acres IS the Place to Be

Plainfield has an annual Quaker Day Parade each year in September. It coincides with the Craft and Community Festival on the Friends Meeting Place grounds. We attend the parade almost every year and, usually, one or more of the kids has been a participant. I enjoy the ‘old tractor’ show where vintage tractors putter by the onlookers. Most of these tractors date back to the 1940s and 50s, and we have seen a couple a few years ago that dated back to the 1930s.

Back when these tractors were new, Plainfield was a different community. The population has grown by six-fold. The town that had been surrounded by farms is now the home to a mall, an industrial park, an aquatic center and some new and expansive housing additions. A bustling suburban town has replaced the small town charm it once had.

I am not saying its worse now than it was, but I am not saying its better either. However, watching those old tractors roll by reminds me a little of how it used to be!

(Click on a picture to open gallery and move through the parade of tractors!)

Did you notice the fellow on the tractor in that first picture? He reminds me of the old ‘Green Acres’ television show. Who farms in a tie and hat? Well, Oliver Wendell Douglas of Green Acres fame would have! The theme song stuck in my mind all day as I watched the parade. The clip below is a reminder for those of you who forgot about it or never had the opportunity to watch the show!


Trivia Time: the ‘Green Acres’ television show marked the first time in U.S. television history that the main stars of the show actually sang the theme song!


  1. I wouldn’t have thought that tractors could be objects of beauty, but those colourful vehicles have certainly managed it. And what you say about the disappearance of “small town charm”. The place where my Dad used to live, now has houses built in every available space and it is no longer the village he used to know…and love.

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    1. It was easy to know most everyone that lived in the small town. Now, the town is much larger and there are more people, but it has become more impersonal and I get a sense of isolation. That outcome seems so ironic.


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