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Charlotte and I walked around the Indianapolis downtown a few days ago; one place I wanted to see was the old Union Station building. The first station on this site opened in 1853 followed by a second, larger station in 1886. The main office building and clock tower of the second building remain today. The volume of traffic early in the 20th century forced the station to add an elevated rail platform in 1922 to relieve congestion on the city’s streets. The rail traffic is now a mere fraction of what it used to be, but the platforms remain.


The pictures you see here are from Capital Avenue beneath the elevated platform. Rivets are everywhere you look; thousands of rivets cover the columns and beams that support the platform. Several streets on the south side of the downtown area still pass underneath nearly identical tunnels.


(Click on any picture for an enlarged view!)


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    1. Thank you! There are at least six of these underpasses of various lengths in the downtown area. I believe there were others that have since been removed too. Unfortunately, freight rail service is a fraction of what it used to be and passenger rail service is almost non-existent.


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