Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful

We visited the Wuhan Carpet Factory in Wuhan, China, in November 2001. This was Jenna’s trip and was our second time at adoption. Our guide’s parents ran a travel agency and, apparently, she took their profession seriously as she ran us ragged during our week in Wuhan. The carpet factory fascinated us as we watched the workers hand-weave carpets and tapestries with very intricate designs and bright colors. Work conditions seem very different from the U.S. You can see in one picture that the worker’s bench doubles as the day-care area. The Wuhan Carpet Factory has the equivalent designation as a U.S. city landmark, and it is a common tour site for the tourists.

(Click on any picture to open the gallery!)

These pictures taken with my old Pentax K1000 using ISO 400 Kodacolor film. I scanned them to digital on an Epson XP-820 All-In-One.

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