Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful – Signs

Miscellaneous times to be very careful!

(Click on any picture to zoom-in!)

One day during our trip to Hefei, Anhui Province, China, our guide took us on a shopping exhibition. There was some road work next door to the shopping center; here is our trail from the parking area to the stores! Please watch your step!

Sometimes warning signs surprise me. This one seems to be a no-brainer. But at a similar bridge close to home, I saw a ‘no-brain’ individual who actually jumped twenty feet off a bridge like this into a shallow creek. There were some young girls present and probably he used that as motivation for such a ‘macho’ act. Timing being everything, a police cruiser cruised up to the bridge just as I heard the splash. I was on my bicycle, so I just kept going.

‘Road Work Ahead’ and ‘One Lane Road Ahead’ signs going over a hill crest – never a good combination.

The ‘red’ high-winds flags is flying. So, naturally, we all go out on the pier to fish or ride the surf (notice that guy on the far right!)

Finally, the deck of an aircraft carrier. I once saw a video of a deck-crew operator getting sucked into a jet engine intake. He was reportedly uninjured; I think I would consider myself injured in this event even without physical injuries.

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