Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge: Week #4 – Simplicity

(Click on any picture for a zoomed-in look!)

I looked to isolate these ducks on this very smooth pond surface. The object was not to feature the ducks but to emphasize the sense of isolation. The tree reflections in the upper area the distance to the other side of the pond and further show how distant the ducks were from the edge of the water.

This odd zinnia drew me to take many pictures! It had so much going just in and of itself that I wanted very little in the background. I used a few leaves in the corner to give a sense of a flower in the garden but left nothing else to draw away focus.

I was lucky to get this squirrel full body, in the sunlight and on the side of this tree with nothing in the background to distract. This was a hurried shot but came out fairly well. I wanted to move the squirrel out of the center, though, so the second picture shows the crop. I took as much away from the picture as I could without losing any of the squirrel’s body. He is now off-center to the right with the brighter part of the tree in the center.


This picture offers a branch of our Flowering Crab Apple tree this past Spring. I experimented with black & white to tone down the background. Not that I do not like the neighbor’s garage, but I think the black & white version makes the crab apple flowers stand out very distinctly.


The feature picture is a poppy about to explode out of its shell.

You can see more entries for this challenge at Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge: Week #4 – Simplicity!


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