We made our way back to Bridgeton, Indiana, this year at the Covered Bridge Festival, and we stayed for a while this time. We stumbled onto this town of Bridgeton last year as we followed the ‘Red’ trail seeking out covered bridges. Not only did the town have a nice covered bridge, but it also had a significant ‘fair’ atmosphere complete with craft shops and fair food! We decided last year that we would spend time here on our next visit. And thus we did!

(You can click on any these pictures to enlarge your view!)


Dr. James Crooks Store House / Bridgeton Masonic Lodge – built in 1868 as a three-story building. Removal of the third story occurred in 1920 for reasons yet unknown. The window arch frames are original and unusual for that time of construction.

Lately, I have searched out the small town post offices. This one still has that historic feel; however, this post office opened in 1978.

Hopper Brothers grocery store built in 1932.

The Bridgeton General Store opened in 1869 and continued in general store service until 1989.

This old log cabin dates to 1822 and belonged to one of the original homesteaders in this area.

The Sprague-Webster-Kerr House built in 1878 shows a classic example of the gabled-ell type. This house served as a residence until 1980. Today, residents refer to it as the ‘1878 House.’

The most significant structures in Bridgeton are the bridge and the mill. The original mill began operating in 1823. A second mill replaced it in 1848 after it burned down. The second mill also burned down; this existing mill, opened in 1871, became the third mill standing on this site. The original covered bridge entered service in 1868 and continued in that capacity until 1967 when closed to all but pedestrian traffic. Arsonists destroyed that bridge, but the more civilized people had a duplicate built in 2006.

There are many more structure of historical significance in the town; we tried to get a glimpse of them all. However, once our walk-through ended, we checked out the eating establishments. For my part, I had a grilled tenderloin and deep-fried cheese curds; they were both excellent. I also got to sample some good soup and some funnel cake. Unfortunately, no pictures; it seems we got to the eating portion of the visit very near closing time. We had to move fast!


    1. We got there late on this visit – about 5pm. The shops were beginning to close so we didn’t get much time to look around. Unfortunately, we walked across the bridge and the interior was covered with graffiti including one made by someone we knew personally – I was so disappointed in that.


      1. I visited Bridgeton last a couple years ago and was sad to see some graffiti inside. I’m very disappointed to hear the interior is covered with graffiti now. I’m so glad I got an interior shot when the beams were all new and clean.

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