Singing Through the Night

We ventured back to McCloud Nature Park for the second time this year. After walking around the prairie area north of the creek, we ended up getting lost in the maze. Each year, the park fashions a maze in a large field and cuts it in the shape of some type of wildlife (which we will not reveal.) However, I took advantage of our time (while we were lost in the maze) to collect prairie scenes including some interesting bug captures!

Today’s picture shows the ubiquitous tree cricket. This creature provides that familiar night-time trill. The specific species here is a black-horned tree cricket (Oecanthus nigricornis). Contrary to its name, this cricket is not found on trees but on vegetation such as goldenrod, thistle, tall grasses, bushes and shrubs. In this case, we found this tree cricket on an open milkweed pod.

(You can click on a picture to open the gallery and get a closer look!)


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