Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy Place

I had some nice photo equipment several years ago and used it often. But that slipped away as our family got larger. Now the kids are older and more self-service. That has allowed me to jump back into photo artistry, and this time in the digital age. Nature photography is my favorite. Now, my ‘Happy Place’ usually finds me behind the camera because when I have my camera in hand, I am usually where I want to be and mostly doing what I want to do. Maybe one could describe it as an escape; I would not argue with that idea. But it also renews my thinking and declutters my mind. That is the ‘Happy Place’ for me!

(You can enlarge any ‘Happy Place’ capture by clicking on it for a zoom-in view!)

I have noticed that we had a good summer for butterflies!

Sometimes I have caught a bird hiding in the grass…

…and other times someone has shown me a surprise up in the trees!

Sometimes the bugs smile for the camera…

…and other times they do not!

The flowers always make for a great photo shoot…

…including the wild flowers…

…and the flowering trees too!

God’s Creation offers such an abundance of color and variety, I can hardly wait for my next visit to a ‘Happy Place’ to relax, unwind and enjoy the artwork!

See more of ‘Happy Places’ at the Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy Place!


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