Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries – Wrought Iron

Wrought iron gates and fences – designed to mark a boundary without hiding the view. This gallery shows some of the gates and fences within the Madison, Indiana, Historic District. The structures in this area date from the 1850s to the 1910s.

(Click on any shot to open the gallery and see the intricate details!)

See more ‘boundaries’ at the Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries!


  1. I love wrought-iron work and you have chosen some beautiful examples here; the first one is very ornate. I’d never thought about them being boundaries you can see through, but of course they are exactly that!
    Jude xx

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  2. Very, very beautiful in a quiet, unassuming kind of way. For building styles, we would refer to a monarch and call them “late Georgian” or “early Victorian”. It’s just an idea for you…”late Lincoln”, “early Roosevelt” , “late Obama”

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