Northern Paper Wasp in the Yellow Rose Bush

I have seen paper wasps on the south side of the house for most of the Summer but I did not know their nest’s location. We finally found it while staining the deck a few weeks ago: behind the back of a seat underneath a railing. It was cold that morning, so the wasps were not too active and we worked around them. As long as one does not bother them, they stay away from people!

This one flitted through the yellow rose-bush for a while. The roses were long gone so I am not sure of the object of his search. I never got a good face capture. Still, he has some nice markings and a dark two-tone color scheme.

(Click any picture to open the gallery!)


  1. Yes, people go crazy about wasps and yet you are right, they are happy to stay away from people. We had some building work done in the roof a few years ago, and the builders found a gigantic wasps’ nest. We hadn’t suspected a thing!”

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