Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries – Off Limits

One of the most evil inventions of the entrepreneurial world is the windowed display case. Although it looks like a ‘boundary’, its very purpose is totally opposite to that of a boundary. In this capture, we see plexiglas windows angled above rows of chocolate candies. What makes this especially pernicious is that the clear clean windows entice small children and chocoholics by the droves. Most of us chocoholics can sniff out a candy stand from five hundred yards away. And I have kids with a longer range than that. Once captured by its vision, we can no longer resist.


Sidenote: The good news is that chocolate is beneficial to the brain and nervous system. I have read where eating chocolate can actually add points to your IQ. Based on my lifelong consumption totals of chocolate, I have estimated that my IQ tops at least 400 by now.

See more ‘boundaries’ at the Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries!


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