Blood Moon and the Clouds

The big story related to the Blood Moon of 2015 was the clouds. We all sat on the deck looking up into the sky. We saw about twenty minutes of the eclipse before the clouds rolled back in, and we only saw isolated moments of the Blood Moon. I got several captures as the Earth began to cast its shadow on the Moon; however, I only managed one fuzzy shot of the Blood Moon. Even so, I saw the Blood Moon briefly as the clouds rolled past allowing me to say that I did see it. We all had fun in any case, and we will be ready again eighteen years hence!

(The captions tell the story! You can click on any picture to open the gallery too!)


  1. Sorry you missed it! We were at an outdoor concert here in Arizona, and it was great the whole way through! Though it lost a lot of the “blood” the closer it got to the full eclipse. The woman sitting behind us was explaining it to her husband…”It’s a ‘Super Blood Moon’ because it’s a rare eclipse that only happens when the sun comes between the moon and the earth!” I guess she flunked basic science class!

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