We were at the high school tonight for a contest in which Jenna participated. There was an intermission in the program, and we walked out into the hallway outside the auditorium. I checked out one of the glass cases that lined the corridor – it had memorabilia from the high school’s past – a basketball trophy from 1940, school newsletters from 1907 and 1909, a school handbook for the 1939-1940 school year and a photo of the Class of 1937. If any of those kids from 1937 are still around, they would be in their mid-90s. I did recognize a couple of family names that are still around at present – possibly some grandparents or great-grandparents.

I also ran into my high school math teacher from freshman and sophomore math – this is 1970 through 1972. He looked fairly well despite having had a stroke about five years ago. We reminisced about some of the teachers and students from that era. I briefly explained what I had been up to after all these years. I told him that the math I learned in his class had played a major role in the jobs I had worked during my career – I could see a wisp of a proud smile when he heard that.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for teachers. They have to put up with a lot – unmotivated students and over-bearing parents. Yet when it is all said and done, they persevere in their quest to teach our children. I do not know how often they get feedback about their efforts, but I appreciated the teachers I had and how they helped shape my life. I felt very good about taking the opportunity to tell that to one of my teachers today.

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