Red Spotted Admiral

Here is another butterfly that insisted on tormenting me by flitting about during our latest Saturday walk. Then, for no apparent reason, he sat down a few times where I could get some good looks including once right in front of me. I believe this species is limenitis arthemis astyanax, but that is only my educated guess based on data gleaned from the always reliable Wikipedia.

(Click any picture to zoom-in on this butterfly from several perspectives!)


  1. A very beautiful butterfly! Over here, we get Red Admirals like you saw at McCloud Nature Park. Overall, butterflies are doing very badly in, certainly, central and northern England because of five or six years of wet, cold summers with very little sunshine. I hope yours are faring better; they are wonderful creatures.

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    1. This has been a good year for butterflies here – the summer was wet until about the end of July and has been very dry since then with lots of sunshine, but not too hot. Lately, we have seen monarchs and admirals almost everywhere. I need to go back to McCloud – there are several trails I did not walk last time including the wild flower prairie area!


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