Small-town Americana – Amo, Indiana

Charlotte and I took an afternoon drive into western Hendricks County and Putnam County. Our first planned stop was at Amo, Indiana. Although Amo lies only about ten miles from our home, we could not ever remember visiting this little town. It was about time. The town has on older town center still intact – that always interests me when driving through the small towns around the state. This town did not fail to meet our expectations!

The Terre Haute, Indianapolis & Eastern interurban station has stood in the center of town since 1907. The interurban line from Indianapolis to Terre Haute passed through Amo, and it carried passengers along this and several routes from around 1900 up until the early years of the Great Depression. At that point, the economics of the era and the increase in automobile traffic ran the line into bankruptcy. The restored Amo station serves as a library today.

As we walk south on Pearl Street, we come to the Amo General Store / Amo Pizza. The pizza parlor has very good reviews in this area. This building dates back to 1880. On the other side of the road is the Amo Post Office.

Looking north on Pearl Street or north at the Main Street and Vine Street intersection, the small town aura is very clear. I could retire to this place and be very comfortable! Having lived in urban America for so many years, this was a nice reminder of a different kind of living – small, quiet, cozy.

The Town of Amo began its life by the name of Morristown in 1850. The name change came in 1855. Incorporation occurred in 1913. The 2010 census placed Amo’s population at 414. About six miles of the Vandalia Trail completed in the area runs through town just south of this photo shoot. Eventually the Vandalia Trail will cross the entire state. Many of my walking trail posts come from Plainfield’s part of the Vandalia Trail.


  1. Love these beautiful pictures!!! I am from Brownsburg,Indiana. My dad was raised on the family farm that I wish was still there at times. But I know things change. Brownsburg was named after our family. We are straight down from James Brown, and I have really enjoyed starting to piece the family tree together. Your pictures make me want to be there right now. Thank you! 🙂 Jen

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