Neoscona Crucifera

“Once you begin watching spiders, you haven’t time for much else.”
E.B. White

I like E.B. White’s quote above. White is the author of ‘Charlotte’s Web’ for those who may have forgotten. We had a VHS cartoon video of ‘Charlotte’s Web’ that our oldest daughter played approximately 5 bazillion times, give or take a few. We had the entire dialogue memorized. Voices in my dreams repeated the phrase ‘Hurry up, Wilbur’ for years.

This spider caught my eye this afternoon. He is an orb-weaver, probably a neoscona crucifera, with a cross-shaped area on his back and fluorescent orange leg sections. This spider has built a large web outside our front door for the past few nights. Today he bagged what looks like a box elder, or maybe a similar type of shield bug. He began wrapping it as I came around to take some pictures. A sequence over about six minutes appears in the gallery below. It looks like the spider has torn the wings open and is injecting his venom into the beetles back. Living in the wild is not for the weak-of-heart!


  1. Unlike previous commenters, I really like spiders as long as they are outside. Our place has been home to generations of orbspinners pretty much exactly like this one, known collectively as “Webster”. These excellent photographs could be portraits of her.

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    1. We mostly have wolf spiders that hang around the low parts of the house exterior. This is the biggest orb-weaver I have seen this summer. I like the fluorescence in the legs. And I agree, they need to stay out of the house – and eat the pest bugs!


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