Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected – Family Dynamics

Less than two years ago, Cara, our oldest daughter, got married and moved out of the house. She is the eldest by eight years over her next sibling. What remains in the house now are five teenage daughters. Just typing those words sends chills of fear up and down my spine. The dynamics in the house has changed because of this rearrangement. On top of that, two of those teenagers are driving now!

We took our first family outing last year spending the day at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Watching them interact on that first trip out entertained us greatly and we all had a fun day!

Find more ‘connections’ at the Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected!


    1. Thank you! I did check out your blog and I like it. The article on books vs e-books was entertaining. I like books. It is so easy to sit in a chair and get lost inside a book. I never can do that while reading electronically.

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  1. I am the oldest of six sisters so I understand. My youngest sister doesn’t remember when I lived at home. As an eldest sister, I hope you keep Cara as part of the group. Sisters are the best. and I wouldn’t part with any of mine. 🙂

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    1. No problem there. Cara and Ethan live a mile or so away. We see them a lot. Last night, we all went out to dinner at a new restaurant and spent another hour after eating just walking around and talking, laughing and all the stuff that families do!

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  2. What a happy outing and everyone looks so happy. Time certainly flies and before you know it we are on the next chapter of our lives. Free homemade ice-cream, wow. It was everyone’s lucky day and I’m sure it tasted delicious 🙂

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