Sylvain Landry’s Photo Challenge: Week #9 – Schools of Old

As we have traveled around the state, we have run across several old schools – some still in service today. As parents, we value education and encourage our kids therein. Seeing these old buildings reminds us that many before us had the same idea and took advantage of the opportunities that education provides.

More of these school pictures at Sylvain Landry’s Photo Challenge: School!


    1. The place where this school was located was a restored early 19th century village. Their were live reenactments for the school, the doctor’s office, the mill, the stable, several homes, a candle-maker, a potter’s shop, a blacksmith shop, a merchant’s store and several others I am sure I am missing! It was an enjoyable and educational way to view the past.

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      1. …wow…!!! You are very lucky to have been able to experience that – I bet it must have been incredible to see all those old crafts be done like ages ago… Very good!!! Thanks for explaining – I hope one day I’ll be lucky enough to experience that 🙂

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  1. Those photographs were really interesting, thank you. You probably know this already but “Eleutherian” I think must come form the Greek word “eleutheria” which means “freedom”.
    (Excellent, that’s another useless fact finally used after carrying it around for at least fifty years. )

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